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Koninginnedag 2013 / Dutch Queen's Birthday 2013

(English version below)


Hoi Borrelaars,

Zoals jullie wel zullen weten, is het aan het eind van de maand Koninginnedag.

De huidige organisatie van de Gold Coast Borrel zal helaas niet in staat zijn deze gelegenheid te organiseren. Mede door dat sommige in Nederland zullen zijn in die periode.

De Borrel wil dus hierbij een verzoek doen aan leden die zin hebben om dit jaar aan de organisatie van deze dag bij te dragen.

Message from our Solar Power Guru Borrelaar.

Hello All,

You may have heard about the upcoming changes to the Queensland solar power rates that kicks in 10 July 2012. If you are considering solar, or if you are considering upgrading to a bigger system to get the maximum profit of the current goverment scheme, this is the time to do it. One of our frequent borrelaars (Bertio) is in fact a solar power guru and below a message from his company.

Koninginnedag (Queens Birthday) 2012 - Sunday 29 April - Dutch Bite café Eagle Heights (Mt. Tamborine)

Queens Birthday is fast approaching....

The Gold Coast Borrel would like to invite everyone to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday at the Dutch Bite café in Eagle Heights (Mt. Tamborine). This will take place on Sunday 29 April from 12.00 pm onwards.

The address is:
88 Eagle Heights Rd (Mt. Tamborine)

Gold Coast Borrel

We, the organizers of the Gold Coast Borrel, are a group of Dutch people who have been living on the Gold Coast for several years. Locals so to speak.

Gold Coast Borrel, is intended to provide the opportunity to meet up once a month (3rd Thursday) for a great evening to chat, have a drink (borrel) and a bite to eat. Goal is for anybody who is interested in getting or staying in touch with the Dutch community, has lived in The Netherlands, or has a Dutch connection or interest, to feel welcome to join us for this evening.

New Gold Coast Borrel Web Site

Welcome to the new Gold Coast Borrel Web Site!

Goal of this site is to bring the Gold Coast Dutch and Dutch associated in contact with each other.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site, feel free to contact us. We will continue to update the information and add new sections. Your input will be appreciated.

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